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19/20 Hospitality Market Outlook - NZ

With the America's Cup fast approaching, businesses are preparing for the execution of growth plans within their groups, creating more job opportunities. The demand for chefs will remain incredibly high as will the need for strong FOH management candidates across Auckland's hotel market. Auckland will also experience the extension of Queens Wharf, which is said to boost the tourism sector by $30M in 10 years. Many believe there will be a larger appetite for locals and tourists to dine out, injecting funds into the hospitality industry. A strategically planned approach to recruit will be required for businesses to ensure they're securing the best talent. 

Experiential dining, omnichannel service delivery, and sustainability are dominant and dynamic factors impacting New Zealand's hospitality landscape. Disruptors and opportunities are ever-present, and with the Millennial customer and workforce, the challenge will remain to be 'current' in delivering the ultimate service offering and customer experience. 

The key to maximising the potential for your business starts with having the best people and team. Competition for talent remains an issue as local supply is stretched and immigration policies restrict offshore sourcing. A strong employment brand has never been more important for attracting and retaining people. 

The data we've presented in our 19/20 Salary Guide has been sourced and compiled to enable benchmarking of your employment brand, ensuring your attraction and retention strategies align with the current market. Contact our Auckland based team for your free copy!