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Achieving successful recruitment outcomes

We're sharing five factors that will help any hospitality, travel, or tourism business achieve successful recruitment outcomes.   

5 factors to achieving successful recruitment outcomes:

  1. A well-considered job brief - including position description and specific candidate requirements.
  2. A clearly defined search or sourcing strategy. Where will your ideal candidate application come from?
  3. Follow a robust selection process suited to your business. 
  4. Complete due diligence - what verification and/or reference checking does your business require?
  5. Establish and maintain a timely recruitment process with an effective onboarding plan with ongoing support.

A collaborative approach will always deliver better outcomes, and overlooking any one of these can undermine your recruitment process, cause delays, and hinder the appointment and retention of your preferred candidate.  Remember to contact your local Hospoworld team if your business could do with a review or confidential discussion about any of these factors.