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Recruitment Myths Busted

There’s often confusion around the way recruitment agencies work, so we’re here to dispel some common myths! 

MYTH 1: I have to sacrifice part of my salary to pay for a recruiter

Despite this common belief, the service we provide to our candidates is completely free! The salary shown or discussed for the job opportunities we advertise is the same whether the client we represent uses an agency or not.

MYTH 2: Recruiters are never transparent about the process! Our process usually involves these steps: 

  1. Meet with your Hospoworld Account Manager. Once we’ve met, the opportunities we can present you with are endless and will be based on your job preferences and motivations.
  2. We submit your details to all the businesses you’re excited about and that we’re working with!
  3. Hospoworld organises all the logistics for your interview - call us your personal job agent! 
  4. We conduct references (once we have your permission to do so)
  5. The ultimate outcome is to present you with a new job offer!

MYTH 3: I will have more success in going solo on my job search! 

  • Actually, using an agency is more likely to be time saving and hassle-free for you! We do the searching for you, meaning you won’t have to spend time stressing or looking for new opportunities while you’re still working
  • Agencies are able to present you as a full package, rather than just on paper. We speak to our clients about your experience and everything that we think makes you an ideal candidate for their business! In most cases, you’re more likely to get noticed. 

If you’re still deciding whether a recruitment agency is best for you and your job search, don’t hesitate to call us at any time! Together, we can discuss and answer any questions you may still have. Find your local Hospoworld office here.