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Stuck without staff?

Are you finding you’re stuck in a pickle without enough staff? We’re not referring to the much publicized and often talked about ‘skill shortage’. This is a broader issue with the Australasian markets experiencing lowest unemployment levels since 2009. Adding to this, both governments have tightening immigration policies. So here we are, stuck without staff!

Putting aside those broader issues that are out of our control aside, there's still a number of strategies for you to consider when sourcing staff. For example:

  • Run an internal referral program - often your employees will know of other great people among their networks. Use your people to attract new people to your team.
  • Invest time in your business's presence on social media. Posting and talking about your brand and job vacancies is a great way to engage with your following and to get the message out there when you have job opportunities.  
  • Post vacancies on job boards such as Seek, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Trade Me (NZ only). Job boards attract active & passive job seekers, giving your vacancy exposure to lots of people.
  • Employment agencies like us. A good recruitment agency draws on multiple talent sources including their own specialist job board, a database of active and passive candidates, and can post jobs to external job boards on your behalf. In a nutshell, let the pro’s take care of your next search.

Entice candidates/employees. Make sure your employment proposition stacks up. Ask yourself or people across your organisation: What will motivate a person to move from their current organisation to yours? In our recent candidate insights survey we identified the top 3 factors influencing job change:

Top 3 factors influencing job change (Australia)

  1. Career progression
  2. Location
  3. Work-life balance

Top 3 factors influencing job change (New Zealand)

  1. Work-life balance
  2. Remuneration & benefits
  3. Job title & responsibilities

Consider these factors when presenting your job opportunity. If you’re unsure how your proposition stacks up against others in the market or ask us for feedback.

Lastly, if you have a great team, work hard to retain them. Book performance reviews to understand their motivations and aspirations. Understanding the expectations of your people can help towards mitigating the risk of losing them.