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The night shift - caring for your crew

Looking after the wellbeing of employees who work night shifts (any shift really!) is crucial. We’ve put together some top tips for things you can do to help make their lives a little easier:

  • Snacks - providing healthy snacks is a great way to help keep energy levels up. Whether it be the classic fruit bowl, vegetables or nuts. Having this easily accessible for staff makes a world of difference for their performance on a shift.
  • A quiet space for short breaks - providing an environment where your team can recharge their batteries or nap for even as little as 10 minutes can greatly improve alertness and energy levels. We recommended night shift napping be no more than 20 minutes otherwise you may feel more groggy when you wake.
  • Drinks - While coffee may seem like a gift from the heavens, too much will result in the inevitable crash. Offer alternative options like Chai, Black and Green Tea and Juice which contains sugar for some extra energy.
  • Exercise - Talk to local gyms to see if they have subsidies/group discounts, or print out exercise resources that can be hung up in communal areas. Even walking around the block for 10 minutes will help increase blood flow around the body.

Most importantly let your team know you are there for them, emotions can run high when our bodies are tired, work hard to build up morale within the team. By providing your team with access the above will make the perfect cocktail for surviving the night shift. Garnished with some laughter along the way!