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Our recruitment team will attract and recruit better candidates, fill your open vacancy faster, reduce hiring mistakes and help improve staff retention.  We provide market insights, salary guidance and industry expertise to help position your hospitality employment package in line with the current hospitality job market.   
How we work - 5 steps to recruitment success: 
STEP 1. Job  Brief
Our specialist hospitality recruiter will take a detailed job brief from you to understand the targeted skills and personal attributes required to ensure the new recruit compliments your vacancy, business and team.  We will discuss your employment proposition and how it relates to the current job market and what the business aspirations are that might influence your hiring decision for the vacancy.
STEP 2. Talent Search Strategy
We will outline a talent search strategy which is likely to include: 

  • Targeted database segmentation and contact 
  • Placement of advertisements on the Hospoworld exclusive hospo job board - with daily job alerts sent to job seekers 
  • Other Job boards - Hospoworld will place well-written, targeted job advertisements on leading hospitality job boards in Australia and New Zealand. External job advertisements may be up to the value of $700 per advertisement 
  • Social platforms - Hospoworld has a dedicated digital marketing function that drives digital campaigns to specially target hospitality candidate traffic to our website. Clients that have hospitality jobs listed with us get to benefit from our approach and connections across the hospitality market in Australia and New Zealand.  

STEP 3. Candidate Selection
A rigorous screening process will be activated to ensure only appropriate candidates are presented to you.  Your hospitality recruiter will screen a high volume of resumes to identify the most appropriate to complete a phone screen and then book for a one-on-one candidate interview.  The candidate interview explores resume detail, review of work history and personal fit to the role and organisation skill and requirements. There may be specific competency-based questions suited to the role. Once identified, a shortlist (usually 1-3 resumes) of successful candidates will be presented to you for an interview.
STEP 4. Client Interview
We will facilitate your interview and afterwards take feedback from both you and the candidate. During the interview, we encourage you to dig into any ideas that we have identified as areas to explore. While you are reviewing the candidate's suitability remember to be selling your organisation's employment proposition - candidates can be customers too!  Ultimately finish the interview with the candidate leaving the job interview wanting your job (regardless of your opinion of them).
STEP 4. Reject and Accept
Hospoworld will manage the candidate rejection process for any candidates that don’t make the cut. Our job is to let them down tactfully while still positioning your business as a great place to work (and dine!).  If you have constructive feedback for the candidate that might help their ongoing job search or interview experience it’s a good idea to share that feedback with us.  
We facilitate the job offer and start date on and then confirm candidate details so that you can send the contract directly to them. 
STEP 5. Candidate Care - Your Placement Guarantee 
Let’s share the commitment to a successful outcome!  We trust that you have an engaging onboarding process and that your new employee is thriving in their new role.  We contact the placed candidate and you over the first 3 months to check-in on how they are going, ensure that the opportunity and candidate presented is living up to expectations.  Usually (over 85% of the time) everyone is happy, however, sometimes for reasons beyond all our control the person leaves your business - check out our  Terms of Trade you should qualify for our replacement guarantee!
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