As experienced hospitality recruiters we're exposed to candidate motivations associated to joining and leaving organisations. The following topics are conversation starters to have with your leadership team and our recruiters when delivering a vacancy brief:

Attraction and Retention:

  • Do you have clear career pathways within your organisation that people can aspire to?
  • What does your onboarding and L&D programme consist of?
  • Do you have regular and documented performance conversations with your team?
  • Does your team know how to escalate their concerns?
  • Do they know you care?


  • What is your staff turnover percentage, what is the industry norm?
  • Do you conduct exit interviews?
  • What is your policy on rehiring ex-staff?
  • Is there an opportunity for your team to have work/life balance within their role?
  • Can people gain professional development through inclusion on projects?
  • Do you have a mentoring programme?

Our experienced team would be happy to discuss these points with you in detail.