Looking for a new hospitality job?  Whether it’s in the streets of Barton, the Hotels of Parliamentary Square or the CBD's fun and thriving restaurant scene, we are your specialist hospitality agency for hospitality jobs, market insights and hospo news .  At Hospoworld Canberra we connect job seekers with hospitality and tourism jobs across Canberra and the ACT. Our team recruit all hospitality jobs from front of house through to support office including Head Chef jobs, Food & Beverage Management Jobs, Operations, General Manager to Executive hospitality jobs. If you are looking for a hospo job in Canberra or across ACT connect with us today. 

Talk to us about: Your next hospitality job, hospitality careers, hospitality career mapping, mentoring, industry networking, hospo jobs across Australia and New Zealand!

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Restaurant Manager


Its your time to shine! Step into this role knowing you have the support, progression plan, and salary to excel personally & professionally. Apply Now

Head Chef


Calling all chefs. Many opportunities on offer, city living or for that sea change dream. Develop your skills, add your flair, manage & motivate teams

Store Manager


HIRING NOW due to the on-going demand. Job security, career progression, and great team culture.



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Meet Our Canberra Team

Rachel Sheilds, Director - ACT

Rachel Sheilds
Director - ACT

Paige Cunniffe, Account Manager - ACT

Paige Cunniffe
Account Manager - ACT

Trish McLean, Group CEO

Trish McLean
Group CEO

John Caldwell, Group CEO

John Caldwell
Group CEO

Shaun Crowley, Group Finance Manager

Shaun Crowley
Group Finance Manager

Jessica Fisher, Group Operations Executive

Jessica Fisher
Group Operations Executive

Dee  Mears, Group Accounts Assistant

Dee Mears
Group Accounts Assistant

Jomielle Santos, Group Operations & Training Assistant

Jomielle Santos
Group Operations & Training Assistant

Hope Brace, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Hope Brace
Digital Marketing Coordinator

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